How to do a Breast Self Examination

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Studies reveal that the cases of breast cancer are on a steady rise in first world countries as well as developing states.  This is quite alarming and despite a great deal of research being done no conclusive evidence has been attributed to for the rise of this form of cancer.  The tips highlighted today will help you be more aware of this disease and possibly spot any early signs, which is very important in the treatment process.

Self Breast Examination

The Process of Breast Self examination

Self Exam

Doctors recommend that women should carry out a self examination every four months and should be done as follows:

  • View your breasts in a mirror while standing with hands on your sides. Check for any abnormal bumps or changes in normal shape
  • While still standing place your right hand at the back of your head and with your left hand feel your right breast for any lumps using your fingertips. Try and use a slow circular motion. Repeat the same for the other breast.
  • Squeeze each nipple slightly to check for any discharge. Any discharge if you’re not breastfeeding should be reported.
  • Lie flat on your back with a pillow placed behind your right shoulder. Stretch your right arm over your head and use the left hand to feel the entire right breast for lumps.  After you’re done, place the pillow below your left shoulder and repeat the procedure for your left breast
  • Make sure that you report any anomalies to your doctor

Breast Self Exam

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