This Exercise is Much More Effective Than Crunches

Woman Planking

The belly is one of the biggest problem spots because it easily accumulates fatty deposits. Although the total elimination of fat without an effective cardio regimen is not possible, it is important to include some resistance exercises. One of the most effective resistance workout is elbow planking. It gives the whole body a workout and helps strengthen the abdominal area and back which make up the core of the body.

Planking Muscles

How to Plank

  • Go on hands and knees

  • Keep your head facing down and ensure your neck remains straight

  • Place your elbows on the ground with your hands facing forward

  • Assume the push-up position while your elbows are still on the floor

  • Tighten your core muscles as you maintain this position for between 20 and 60 seconds

  • Make sure you maintain your stability and throughout and keep your body straight for more resistance.

  • It is important to breathe deeply during this exercise

Man Planking