3 foods that help burn fat

Understanding the secret of burning fat is the key to shedding away the extra pounds you do not want and ultimately living a healthier life. Nutritionists and medical experts explain that some types of foods are very useful in burning fat from the body.

Lean proteins 

Lean Meat
Protein is a major metabolism boosting food. The body works harder to digest proteins, processing them into smaller amino acids then distributing them to the muscles, cardiac system and all parts of the body. More energy will be burned as proteins go through the process of building muscle cells, strengthening bones and enhancing body immunity. For people targeting weight loss, protein meals are good because they do not require a lot of metabolization and burnt fats are not replaced. The best sources of lean proteins include fish, turkey, lean chicken, pork, tofu, and lentils.


When nuts are consumed in the body, they help burning fat in two ways. First, the process of synthesizing nuts is a long process, and the body has to burn extra fat. Second, nuts reduce craving for food by releasing calories slowly for longer. Your body will therefore have to burn additional fat to meet energy requirements for other daily activities. The best nuts to consider include peanuts, walnuts and almonds.

Leafy vegetables

Leafy Vegitables
Consuming leafy vegetables is one of the best methods of fat burning. Nutritionists emphasize that people should try to raise body metabolism rates with foods that do not add sugar and fats to the body. Leafy vegetables require a lot of energy to extract minerals and fibers in them. Most of these nutrients especially iron, Vitamin C, iron and Antioxidants are also required in raising metabolism rates and fat burning.
To promote faster and sustained fat burning process, it is prudent to take a lot of water. As body metabolism is raised, a lot of water is required to supply nutrients, clear wastes from cells, and normal functioning of muscles, heart, and brain. Remember also to avoid saturated fats and remain active for the process to be more effective.