3 Goal Setting Tips That You Need For Your Fitness and Health Program

Just like it would be difficult to expand a business venture without a structured plan, a health and fitness program without a plan is doomed to fail. you need to have clear cut goals and objectives that will guide you through the process of keeping fit and remaining healthy. Highlighted below are the three major types of goals that you need to set to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Long term Goals

Long Terms Health Goal
You should have a plan that extends at least six months. for instance you could decide that you will participate in a half marathon after six months. This future projection will give you the drive you need to maintain your health and fitness regimen. However, you should ensure that you set realistic goals which you will be able to achieve. if possible you could set countdowns for your long term goals.

Short Term Goals
In order to remain motivated and to gain a sense of achievement you will need some short term goals. For instance you could decide that you will be using the stairs at least four times in a week or that you will improve your two kilometer walk by 20 seconds each week. This will give you the drive to improve on a regular basis.

Health and Fitness Program

Immediate Goals
These refer to goals that are set for every week, day or individual work out. For instance you could state that you will hit the gym 3 times a week and do 2 five kilometer runs during the week. or you could say that you will cycle 15 kilometers 2 times a week and possibly break it down for specific workout sessions.

SMART Goal Setting