3 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Yoga in 2016


If you consider yoga as one of those activities for hippies then you are dead wrong because you can look for a yoga studio in your city or better yet do it in the confines of your home.  I have being enjoying yoga in my city for close to ten years and I practice it either as a group or alone at home.  I hope I can convince as many people as possible that yoga is not just one of those things that you see other people doing. You can actually indulge in this ancient practice to relieve your stress and generally improve your well being.  It may be difficult to fully express the definition of this practice in its entirety but I will try as much as possible to demystify it and give readers a better insight.  I will begin by answering a few frequently asked questions:

  • Why practice yoga in the first place?

In my experience yoga has made me more agile and flexible and has made me become calmer and more introspective. In a collective sense I would say that it combines exercises of the body with meditation and breathing techniques that ultimately have positive effects on one’s overall wellbeing.  This is especially for older individuals who may be more susceptible to various ailments either due to age advancement or by a sedentary life.

Yoga Pose

  • Is yoga advisable for weight loss?

Well, definitely yes.  There are plenty of studies that have shown that when practiced consistently, yoga has a proven to stimulate weight loss. The posturing and intermittent body movements help burn calories and improve flexibility.

  • Can yoga be considered the fountain of youth?

Well, this may be a rather exaggerated analogy for yoga; however, it does hold a degree of truth because regular adherents of yoga have a youthful appearance and demeanor even in advanced age. The reason for this I can say is that this practice is like a cleanser of sorts that keeps the body fit and helps ease mental stress factors that lead to premature aging. It has also been known to significantly reduce the chances of contacting certain age related conditions including heart ailments, strokes etc.

Yoga Class

The advantage of yoga is that not only can it help you lose weight; it promotes a healthier way of living by also improving ones spiritual and mental well being.  It will enable you have a clearer mind which will in turn help you positive decisions related to diet and exercise.  Once you begin to adopt a wholesome existence, you will even be less attracted to junk food and a sedentary lifestyle. Yoga is also advisable for soon-to-be mothers and there are plenty of prenatal yoga classes that women can sign up for before giving birth.  If done on a regular basis, yoga can actually be the life changing activity that turns your life around.   You have nothing to lose by trying it out and I’m sure when you get the hang of it you will be bowled over by the numerous benefits that you stand to gain.