3 Great Uses For Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a versatile ingredient that has many uses. Here are three simple uses of this healthy oil that will add flavor to your meals and keep you healthy.

Sautéing Veggies

Sauteing Using Olive Oil
Vegetables are great nutritional additions to our diet but you need to ensure that they are cooked the right way. They should be cooked lightly to keep them crunchy and ensure that the nutritional value is not eliminated due to excessive heat. For this reason, sautéing is probably the best method of preparation. Using high-quality extra virgin oil will add flavor to your veggies and ensure that they are lightly cooked on medium-low heat.

Extra virgin olive oil has a knack of making salads more pleasant to the palate. The olive oil also helps bring out the flavors of additional ingredients such as lime/citrus juice, black pepper, and honey. You can even use extra virgin olive oil as a substitute for mayonnaise when making coleslaw.

Pouring Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the best ways of adding tasty flavors to fish or meat is by marinating. A marinade is a mixture of delectable ingredients, which meat or fish is soaked in before frying or grilling. The marinade adds zest to meats and olive oil can be used as one the ingredients and would add fat-soluble flavor to the meat.

Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil