3 Natural Ways of Maintaining Youthful Skin

Use natural skin products

Natural Shea Butter

Try as much as possible to avoid chemical based lotions and instead stick to natural based products such as extra virgin Shea butter or extra virgin coconut oil. These natural products can do wonders for your skin and they do not have negative side effects.

Hydration and Juicing


Water is very important for detoxifying the body and skin. It makes the skin naturally moist and helps maintain the right nutrient content.  Juicing is another great option since natural juices contain plenty of nutrients and minerals that help maintain a healthy skin.  The best thing is that you can make your own natural juices at home with your juicer or blender.



When you perspire during exercise sessions, the sweat helps release toxins that may potentially have a negative impact on your skin.  Activities such as jogging, brisk walking and cycling are therefore, recommended for maintaining healthy skin.