3 Rarely Highlighted Benefits of Beer

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Beer is not often considered a healthy drink but it surprisingly has several health benefits that are largely downplayed. Your beloved pint may actually be good for you if drank in moderation. Here are some of the advantages of the frothy drink.

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Bone Health
Studies have shown that beer has properties that promote the health of bones due to its high concentration of silicon. Participants in an official study who drank between one and two beers daily were shown to have better bone density than non-drinkers.

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Stronger Heart
Believe it or not but drinking one beer a day may actually keep heart disease at bay. Research shows that beer taken in moderation is able to increase the prevalence of good cholesterol in the body. This goes a long way in generating an anti-clogging effect in the arteries thus maintaining the health of blood vessels.

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Brain Power
Moderate consumption of beer is actually able to keep your mind sharp. An official study published in the New England Journal of Medicine analyzed the drinking patterns of over 10,000 people over a period of 15 years. Results showed that people who had one to two beers a day showed a significantly lower risk of reduced cognitive ability than non-drinkers.