Why Immunization Is Not Just For Kids

Adult Immunization

Health practitioners often place great emphasis on immunization for children to protect them from a plethora of diseases. This is a noble effort however, there is hardly any civic education about the need for immunization for adults. There are an array of immunization programs that are meant to protect adults from life threatening diseases in middle age and old age. Certain adult vaccinations are relatively well recognized such as the annual influenza shot, however, not many adults actually get this immunization.

Immunization for Elderly

Newer vaccines such as Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine which is meant to protect people from a virus that leads to cervical cancer is not well known to the public despite its great importance. The number of vaccines targeted at adults is ever increasing and medical experts recommend them to help in the boosting the immune system. As one ages, the ability for the body to fight off diseases greatly decreases and this is why the importance of adult immunization should never be taken lightly. Any adult who is at risk of illness as a result of work or lifestyle should be aware of the available immunization programs for sufficient protection.

Immunization Schedule for Adults

Doctor Giving Male Patient Injection