4 Great Tips for Dealing with Oily Hair

Home Remedies For Oily Greasy Hair

Contrary to popular belief it is not actually hair that gets oily but rather it is an oily scalp that causes hair to become greasy. A scalp that has an excessively high production of sebum (oily substance) from the sebaceous glands is the root cause of hair oiliness and this situation may be caused by various reasons including stress, genetics or hormonal changes. The regulation of sebum production on the scalp is the most effective way of dealing with this oily condition. The following are some tips that can offer some assistance.

Daily Shampoo


Shampooing daily is advisable, however, the specific type of product used is very important.  Harsh products will often trigger the oil glands to produce more oil therefore using the wrong shampoo is counterproductive.  Natural based products are advisable because in most cases they contain ingredients that balance the metabolism of the skin thus regulating the production of sebum. Do not give your scalp an intense massage when shampooing as this will activate the oil producing glands. The best time to shampoo is in the morning.

Watch What You Eat

Balanced Diet

Your diet does not only have an effect on your waistline, it also affects the oil production level of the skin including the scalp. A diet that is high in carbohydrates and fats will definitely result in oily skin which extends to the hair follicles and eventually to each strand of hair. It is therefore essential to try and eat a balanced diet and reduce fatty processed foods.

Limit Styling Products

A large majority of products used for hair styling unfortunately trap dirt and oil thus causing a buildup if oily substances on hair.  It is for this reason that it advisable to limit the amount of hair products used and even when possible, you can do without them all together.

Limit Blow Drying

Blow Drying

Try as much as possible to limit the amount of times you blow dry your hair. The reason for this is that the heat produced during the process causes the pores on the scalp to expand and release oil.  By controlling the blow-drying you will definitely cut down the chances of excessive oil production.

Greasy hair may occur naturally or due to other cause but either way the bottom line is that it should be put in check as soon as it begins to recur. These simple measures could go a long way in helping you deal with a potentially embarrassing situation.