4 great yoga poses that help reduce back pain

Over 80% of the global population is estimated to experience back pain. For those who have experienced this, they can attest that the condition can compromise personal comfort, lower productivity, and make them regularly visit a doctor. Yoga has proved to be one of the best methods of treatment because it is natural and easy to learn. Here are 4 great Yoga poses that help reduce back pain.

Hands Forward Bend-Over

Hands Forward Bend Over
This pose is great for spine relief from pressure by giving an alternative direction for easing accumulating pain. Standing on a Yoga mat, bend the knees and release the torso slightly above the legs until the belly reaches the thighs. Make 2 fists and keep them on opposing elbow folds. At this point, relax the back, head, and neck while squeezing the fists actively. With just about five breaths, you will feel the back muscles opening and pain flowing away in every exhale.

Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank
Stand in front of a wall with hands and back bent at 90 degrees to the feet. Plant the palms on the adjacent wall with fingers spread wide and middle one pointing up.
Then, firm the fingers on the wall and stretch the navel backward while lengthening your tailbone downwards. Raise the limbs and ensure that you are working naturally with entire belly.
Maintain the length of the spine as you start walking the legs backward, fold the waist a little, and move the hands downwards on the wall. In the end, you will reach an L-shape. Remember that if you get some pain, stop at that point and keep practicing this pose every day. Make sure to get about 15 breaths, and repeat the process again.

Down-facing dog

Downward Dog Pose
This pose is common and very useful for enhancing back health and addressing spinal traction. You achieve this pose by standing with feet about one foot apart and hands about shoulder apart. Then, lift the navel as well as the front ribs to get buoyancy on the shoulders and part of the back along the spine.
The tailbone should then be curved slightly towards your heels and then depressed via both legs. This will give you a root that you can use to pull and grow the spine with the head ahead. Even as the shoulders are moved downwards; make sure to press longer via the arms as well as fingers to give the entire body a new re-alignment and extension. Take about 10 breaths at this point before starting the next pose.

The child pose

Child Pose
This pose helps to realign your spine while taking away pressure on the back. In this pose, you need to roll over and assume a small child’s position for a minute. Knees wide, keeping toes close and finish with knees together to give the spine a complete stretch. If your head cannot touch the floor, consider putting a pillow or Yoga block under the forehead or complete relaxation.
Once in the position, slowly take 7-15 breaths to the entire back, expand more refreshing energy, and let the tension causing pain to flow away slowly.