4 Interesting Health Benefits of the Avocado Seed

Sliced Avocado
We are used to consuming the contents of avocados and promptly disposing of the seed. The next time you’re enjoying your avocado you should think twice before throwing away the seed. According to scientific studies avocado seeds have plenty of benefits some of which have been highlighted below.

Reducing joint pain and inflammation
The antioxidants found in the skin and seeds of avocados include catechins and procyanidins. These compounds help in the reduction of stiffness and pain caused by inflammation.

Avocado Seed

Lowering Cholesterol
The compounds in the avocado seed have been found to prevent the build-up of arterial plaque. This has largely been attributed to the abundance of fibers in the seed that help in absorption of cholesterol. This goes a long way in preventing cardiovascular complications caused by excess cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels.

Avocado Pitted

Lowering Blood Pressure
The potassium contained in the avocado seed is vital in reducing tension in the circulatory system thus reducing high blood pressure. The potassium also reduces the harmful effects of sodium which is largely responsible for high blood pressure.

Digestive Health
Avocado seeds have properties that help in curing digestive conditions such as dysentery, gastric ulcers, and other ailments associated with the digestive system.

Avocado Close Up