4 Reasons To Adopt The Paleo Diet For Improved Health

Healthy Paleo Meal

The adoption of processed foods in out everyday diet has led to increased health risks and a potential reduction in average lifespans. The choice of food consumed in the society today contributes many lifestyle diseases that affect many today. A paleo diet basically refers to the ingestion of foods similar to what the prehistoric Paleolithic man used to eat. These primarily includes meat, nuts, vegetables, roots and fruits. Here are 4 major reasons for adopting the paleo diet.

No additives or chemicals
A Paleo diet comprises of whole foods that have not been processed and neither do they contain chemical additives. As a result, the food is clean and does not contain toxins such as preservatives, coloring or artificial flavoring. Paleo food also does not contain hidden sugars that may compromise the health of people at all ages.

The diets are richer in all body nutrients
One objective of going paleo is to improving the body’s nutritional intake. Processed foods comprise of carb-fillers that have less nutritional value and pose great dangers to your health. However, paleo foods comprise of lots of vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, and healthy fats that provide your body with vitamins and a wide range of minerals. When this is combined with enhanced gut nutrient absorption, it will lead to great health. All body nutrients requirements are meant to be sourced from plants, seafood and animal-based foods.

Paleo Meal

Better food satiety
One trick used by processing food companies is the inclusion of components that make you hungry faster so that you can eat more and keep buying from them. For example, after consuming fast food, sodas and other sugary beverages, blood sugar drops for a short while after and making you feel fatigued, irritatable and disorientated until you take take some more junk food. However, a paleo diet comprising of nuts, meat, vegetables and seafood releases carbs slowly so that you will feel full the entire day. You will not get crazy craving and mood swings.

Paleolithic Diet

Easy and sustained weight loss
A paleo diet helps improve body’s metabolic processes, gut health and lowers stress. Whether you are struggling with weight loss or simply want to remain fit, the paleo diet helps reduce uptake of carbohydrates and further promotes burning of stored fat. You can, therefore, grow muscles faster and remain more active at work and away.