A Basic Thigh Toning Work Out

Thigh Excercise
Plenty of individuals and more so women have issues with the way their thighs look. One of the most effective methods of improving the appearance of the thigh area is to do toning exercises. This will go a long way in firming up the upper leg area and strengthening the muscles. The resultant effect is a toned look that is more attractive to look at.

One of the best toning exercises is known as the wall squat. To do this exercise one simply has to lean against a wall and place the feet a few inches ahead and about one foot apart. While in this position slowly move downwards and hold when in a squatting position.  Hold for a few seconds and then move back to an upright position. This should be repeated five to ten times depending on one’s ability.

Thigh Toning Bridge with Squeeze

The intensity of this exercise will depend on how far the feet are placed ahead of the rest of the body as well as the number of repetitions.

The exercise should be carried out repeatedly for a minimum of three sets in order for it to be effective on the thigh muscles. The advantage of this work out is that it not only works out the thighs but also helps tones the buttocks while exercising the hamstrings. The wall squat does not require any special kind of equipment and this is means that there is no excuse for individuals not to give it a try.

Leg Workout

Where for esthetic reasons or otherwise, thigh toning will go a long way in giving the upper leg more definition and strength.  This will make movement much easier and clothes may also fit better!  Turn those pudgy thighs into well toned muscles with this simple exercise that can be done virtually anywhere.

Inner Thigh Workout