Alcoholic Liver Disease Symptoms as Signs You Should Quit Drinking

Man in blue shirt drinking alcohol alone while thinking behind wooden desk

Feeling these alcoholic liver disease symptoms, you should think of quitting drinking. These symptoms are the signs you drink too much or let’s say alcohol abuse. This liver disease doesn’t always happen on heavy drinkers. All alcohol drinkers whether light or heavy drinkers should be warned by these symptoms. Liver disease has higher risk to attack the drinkers. Female drinkers have more risks rather than men. Consuming alcohol, in any circumstance has bad effect to human health. If the signs are getting severe, there will be cirrhosis. It’s a final phase happened to liver disease caused by alcohol.


These signs are included in signs and symptoms of alcoholic liver disease. Fatigue is the common symptom followed by energy loss. Losing appetite and losing weight are the other symptoms. You might have abdominal discomfort, too. Nausea and jaundice are the typical symptoms you feel while having this liver disease. Some or all of these symptoms are hardly noticeable until the patients have severe damages.

Dental Condition of Liver Patient Caused by Alcoholic Abuse by Heavy Drinkers

The next symptoms will cause high temperature or fever with shivering attacks. Swelled abdomen is also occurred because of the fluid that is built up. The skin is itchy and the hair might be loss. Related to skin condition, you could bruise and bleed easily. Severe signs are indicated by vomiting the red to black blood. The liver will not be able to process alcohol substance that will make it more sensitive.

Illustration of Man Drinking Alcohol that Cause Liver Illness or Hepatitis

Infographic of cirrhosis in human liver Affected by alcohol abuse

Think about cutting down your drinking and get helps pr treatment when you have these symptoms. These symptoms indicate that you might totally quit drinking especially if you drink as eye opener or as soon as you wake up. Avoid being heavily drunk or hangover. Get the doctor advice about healthier living style before the liver is severely damaged. Get as many as supportive friends and family that will help you to quit drinking. Alcoholic liver disease treatment doesn’t only need medication, but it also needs supports from the environment.