Basic Facts About Hypertension

Blood Pressure High

Hypertension is a condition that could arguably be describes as one of the most common bodily ailment; however, its causes and effects are very varied. There are numerous factors that contribute to or arise as a result of hypertension. Recent conclusive studies have drawn a clear relation between high blood pressure and Sleep Apnea and this involved both senior citizens as well as middle aged individuals. Analysis has proved that the people who have some from of sleep apnea were either already hypertensive or stood a great chance of acquiring the condition in the near future.

Those who are at greater risk include obese individuals mostly above forty years of age especially the ones who do not eat balanced meals or engage in regular exercise. Hypertension can be described as a killer of sorts because it is one of the main causes of strokes, heart disease as well as kidney disease. Experts have found out that people with above thirty unwarranted pauses in one hour of sleep had a two fold chance of suffering from hypertension. This was done in comparison to individuals who did not have any breathing problems. It is also worth noting that a larger majority of sleep apnea sufferers are overweight thus making then susceptible to high blood pressure.

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One scientific explanation for the correlation between these two conditions is that when a person goes through apnea, there is a significant rise in the body’s carbon di oxide levels. In turn, the level of oxygen will go down and this creates the right conditions for increased blood pressure levels.
However, there is a great need to highlight sleep apnea because it largely goes undiagnosed and sufferers may thus be unable to find out other ailments that they may have. Hypertension is a condition that is not necessarily curable but needs to be managed. This is first and fore mostly done by making lifestyle and behavioral changes. A balanced diet should be adopted and the avoidance of a sedentary lifestyle is highly recommended. All this may be coupled with a certain medication which is meant to further contain this condition. A mental shift is also required by hypertensive people considering that cognitive and emotional distress is bound to increase blood pressure.

In addition to this, many obese people who are prone to apnea have certain immune factors that promote the damage of cells within the blood arteries. This then leads to inability to breathe properly and a weakened heart.

During episodes of breathing problems when sleeping, analysis has shown that an individual’s blood pressure levels tend to fluctuate greatly. This is an involuntary reaction and it affects the nervous system as well as the blood vessels within the body and this contributes greatly to the development of long term hypertension.

Hypertensive Crisis

Considering that the onset of hypertension is related to many other conditions, it is of utmost importance to get the right medical attention in order to deal with all underlying factors. Medication is normally administered to deal with the high blood pressure while a combination of medication and procedures are normally administered to deal with breathing problems.

All in all it is important to get an accurate diagnosis for both conditions and get the right corresponding treatment in order to ease both the conditions.