Basic Ways of Maintaining Bone Density During the Aging Process

It is quite common for people to lose bone density are they age. This phenomenon is more common in women and this has largely been attributed to the lowering of estrogen in their bodies which results in the inability to absorb the right amount of nutrients from food. It’s, however, not all gloom and doom because there are several other ways of keeping the bones healthy and strong even through old age.

Bone Density Comparison

First and foremost, it is important to keep away from a highly acidic diet, This means that you should avoid a highly sugary diet and maintain an acceptable intake of carbs. This will reduce the amount of harmful bacteria that could lead to infection and weakening of the jawbone.

Healthy Eating

Try as much as possible to include magnesium in your diet. Many cases of weakened bones are as a result of a magnesium deficiency. If you are not able to access foods with enough magnesium you could as your physician about prescribing magnesium supplements.

Hand Bones

One of the most basic ways of improving bone density is by engaging in regular exercise. Having a regular workout regimen that combines cardio with strength training is vital in maintaining bone density and even repairing weakened bones.

Exercise to Increase Bone Density