Can You Really Get Sick from Using Public Restrooms?

Restrooms Sign There is no doubt that most public areas are ridden with germs. A research paper presented to the Infections Diseases Society of America revealed that samples taken from various restrooms in showed that there were quite a significant amount of disease-causing bacteria. However, the experts say that the fear of seating on public toilets that are not visibly soiled is largely overblown.

Microbial scientists claim that the presence of germs does not necessarily mean that they will make a person ill. This is attributed to the skin’s ability to work as an effective barrier from harmful germs.

 Public Toilets

One of the biggest questions is whether it is possible to catch sexually transmitted diseases by using a public toilet. Scientists say that most of the germs causing these diseases are not able to last very long in the open especially on a hard cold toilet seat. In addition to this, an infection can only occur if one has a sore or cut that the germs can use to penetrate the body. The odds of this happening are very low.

Therefore, it is okay to use seat covers, especially for soiled seats, however, the fear of contracting diseases from toilet seats is more of a psychological phobia than a physical possibility.

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