Defining Achilles Tendon Illness and Treatment for Achilles Tendonitis

achilles on human ankle showing impairement on the hills

The pain is happened in Achilles tendon attaching the calf muscles and the heel bone and the treatment for Achilles tendonitis is done to get it back to normal. The tendon illness will make people have difficulties in moving especially in doing jumping, running or other physical activity. If the Achilles tendon can’t function well, daily basis will be interrupted. Therefore, the pain tendon which has inflammation should immediately treated by health professional. In lighter tendon illness case, the Achilles tendon pain can be treated independently at home with certain strategies.

Achilles Patient INjected on the legs by medical practitioner done in hoospital

To determine treatment for Achilles tendonitis pain, we should know the Achilles tendon causes. Surprisingly, this illness is caused by excessive exercise. Repeated activity straining Achilles tendons contribute to these tendon problems. However, several possible causes are said to be major contributors, too. They are wearing poor-fitting shoes, wearing heels daily, straining calf muscles, and exercising without doing the right warm ups. The symptoms are felt by the individuals as the intense pains and uncomfortable conditions. The pain is getting worse when doing physical movements or activities.

heel drops done in eccentric lift on people with achilles

Achilles tendon diagnosis should be properly done. The doctor asks the patients about the swelling or pain on the heels. Patients will be asked for standing on feet balls while the doctor observing the motion range and flexibility. To confirm the tendon pain, imaging test is needed as well. However, they are often unnecessary.

Massaging the lower part of the foot with fingers in pressure

The Achilles tendon treatment include reducing physical activity, stretching calf muscles, switching to sport with less strenuous, raising the foot for decreasing the swelling, not wearing heels daily, injecting steroids, and taking ibuprofen to reduce the pain. If those conservative treatments do not work, tendon surgery may be needed. Before taking surgery, health professionals will monitor and tests the body condition. Surgical intervention is needed to perform treatment chronic Achilles tendonitis especially in special cased patient.