Discovering the Early Signs of Diabetes and When to Seek Medical Assistance

early diabetes warning signs you should not ignore described in icons

When it comes to early signs of diabetes, male and female have almost similar signs. Diabetes types are two, type 1 and type 2. Type 2 diabetes has more serious health problem and complications. However, all diabetes signs should be taken into account. The signs are specific and certain tests used to diagnose diabetes are mostly valid. Various diabetes symptoms may lead to specific diabetes illness. It’s important to recognize the body when it sends signals. It often alerts to seek doctor’s help and does regular blood check.

Graphic Showing the Early Warnings of Diabetes Illness in Comprehensive Diagram

The early signs of diabetes type 1 are defined as experiencing excessive tiredness. Losing appetite and it affects the decreasing body weight as the result. Sometimes the patient feels the numbness. Urinating more often is the alarm for knowing more what caused it. If all night is used to go to bathroom, then the blood sugar should be checked. Diabetes affects human’s eyes, too. Having blurred vision can be related to diabetes signs. When it is checked in ophthalmologist, he will suggest the patient to check the blood sugar, too.

HUman Anatomy Showing the Diabeties Symptoms Location in HUman Body Parts

Type 2 diabetes has lighter signs even it’s grown without symptoms at all. People with diabetes type two often don’t feel any signs at all. That’s why regular medical check up is important from time to time. However, common signs are found on most of diabetes type 2 patients. They feel thirsty easily; unexpected weight loss, constant fatigue, headaches, having dry mouth, and experiencing blurred vision.

infographic showing diabetes warning signs including seeking medical attention suggestion

Finding those mentioned signs, seeing doctor immediately is highly recommended. Sometimes, further symptoms follow the diabetes warning signs such as skin changes, impotence, and skin itching. These should not be ignored since immediate medical treatment is required. Parents should be aware of early signs of diabetes in children, too since it doesn’t infect the adult only.