E- Cigarettes What You Don’t Know

It ise-cigarettes: what you don't know true that if used correctly  e- cigarettes can help you to quit smoking. We all know the risks that come with smoking cigarettes, but are we aware of the potential dangers that come along with smoking e- cigarettes?

It must be made known that e-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA. That means that there are no regulations on what kind of liquids that can be bought or put into the device. There are also no studies, short term or long term, that can tell us what the true effects of the smoke that comes from these devices. By using them, you take the chance of putting something into your lungs that may be more hazardous than originally thought. Only time will tell what the direct effects will be. We can discuss the basics of the e- cigarettes.

Nicotine can be found in  e-cigarettes.  The amount of nicotine is varied by brand, flavor, and your device itself. There are no regulations on the amount of nicotine so you really cannot control the amount you are getting, this is especially true if you are changing flavors and brands often. Depending on the type of device you get, the concentration of nicotine can be changed by the level of your battery or cartridge. For example, a full battery may restrict the concentration while a dead battery may not. Young adults, of legal smoking age, are more likely to be affected by nicotine in the long run. Nicotine is known to affect a young adults memory and concentration. imagesX2GYOMJD

Another major concern with  e- cigarettes, is the second hand emissions. There have been absolutely no case studies on these emissions. It is not known to what extent your smoking can release emissions that the person, or child, sitting next to you will inhale. There are no regulations on any kind of liquids added to make the flavors, so if we don’t know what is going into it; we aren’t going to know what is coming out of it.

With all the unknowns of e- cigarettes, it is truly amazing that they are as popular as they are. People have turned to them because they think it is safer. Or maybe it is because with all the bans on smoking they have found a way around them. Honestly, if used to break a habit means picking up another habit is it really  effective? stop smoking

In conclusion, smoking is bad for your health. There is no way to safely inhale cigarettes. You should stop smoking completely, not jump to another potentially harmful habit.