Early Introduction of Food to Babies Diets Could Reduce Prevalence of Allergies

Baby Breastfeeding
Mounting evidence shows that infants who are introduced to a wide variety of foods early in their lives tend to suffer less from food allergies. According to the World Health Organization, babies are supposed to feed exclusively on breast milk for the first six months after birth. This means that the child will not get to consume any other form of food. Breast milk is indeed very vital for babies I their formative years however, new research reveals that the gradual introduction of foods, especially those that contain allergens, by the fourth month could help reduce the chances of children developing allergies.

Baby Feeding

In an actual study done by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), children who were introduced to egg whites and peanuts from the age of three months onwards showed lowered potential of getting food allergies. The babies were fed on about 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and a small boiled egg (in addition to breast milk) on a weekly basis which greatly reduced their chances of being allergic to both foods.

It should, however, be noted that although this study may have yielded some credible information, it is still advisable for parents to adhere to the recommended feeding plan for infants. Any changes in a baby’s diet should only be done after consulting a pediatrician.

Mom and Baby