Easy 4-7-8 Breathing Exercises to keep you Calm and Relax

If you have a serious problem with your nervous habit that usually comes when you are under pressure, taking an easy 4-7-8 breathing exercises every day will help you to reduce the effect of being nervous anytime it happens. This breathing exercise can be done anytime, anywhere and in any position you like. And each phase of this exercise is very simple to do without any instructor. Basically, this relaxing breathing exercise is given by Dr. Well in his official website. You can visit it for more amazing breathing exercises.


Now, let’s understand some 4-7-8 breathing techniques in order to this exercise can make you more relaxed and calm. First thing first, no matter where you are taking this breathing exercise, try to place your tongue tip right behind your front teeth. In the other words, ensure to place it on ceiling of your mouth and keep it always there in a whole time of exercise. Please, stay calm and focus on your breath. The first step is to exhale audibly with your mouth open. Making whoosh sound will ease you in this phase.

The next step is to inhale through your nose while counting of four. Don’t forget to close your mouth during this phase. Keep your mind calm and relaxed so that you can focus on both your breath and counting phase. And then hold your breath inside your mouth while counting of seven. After that, repeat the first step. This time, you must exhale audibly through your mouth while counting of eight. As like its name, this exercise consists of three phases with four, seven and eight counting phases. Those are inhaling, holding and exhaling. Those three phases are included in a cycle of exercise. And you can repeat three more cycles each time you are doing the 4-7-8 (or relaxing breath) exercise if it is necessary.