Easy Methods to Relieve Arthritis Pain Naturally You Must Try

Generally, there is a lot of ways to relieve arthritis pain which mostly attacks people who are over than 30 years old. Arthritis pain itself is known as an annoying pain that is generally caused by over pressure on certain parts of body with cartilage such as knees and hands. This pain sometimes make people cannot do their routine normally especially carrying things from one place to others. Instead of consuming some pills to relieve the pain, actually some natural remedies can be tried at home at least to heal it temporary.

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First remedy is to get weight loss program. Yeah, appropriate yet healthy diet can help all of you to relieve arthritis pain in hands or other parts of the body. Some says that the arthritis symptoms may reduce even disappear when someone loses about 10 – 20 pounds. And the fact of this method is accepted by Roy Altman who is also a famous professor of medicine at University of California and rheumatologist. Doing proper exercise regularly also can help you to heal arthritis. In this case, the physical activities don’t have to be so hard. Just try to do some cycling and running or even fast walking several minutes in every morning and afternoon.

Take an acupuncture therapy program is also a nice choice to relieve the pain of arthritis. Additionally, this alternative therapy effectively smoothen the blood circulation inside the body. Some benefits are also found when someone decided to take acupressure method. Nonetheless, according to Dr. Altman, this alternative therapy is not suitable for everybody. Well, there must be a specific condition for it. There is another alternative therapy that works for alleviating the pain of arthritis. It is hot and cold therapy. For the hot therapy, long soaking in a tub which is filled with warm water may effectively relieve the stiffness. To relieve arthritis pain in knees instantly, you can wrap ice cubes in a towel and then apply it on the joints where the pain is felt.