Effects Of Cigarette Smoke For Adults

Effects Of Cigarette Smoke For Adults

The effects of cigarette smoke are not just confined to smokers; even non smokers are affected by second hand smoke. Smokers are however at a greater risk of the negative effects of the toxic ingredients contained in cigarettes.

When exhaled, tobacco smoke will not simply vanish the smoke may stay in the environment for between 2 and 3 hours. Tobacco continues to exist even though it may not be seen or readily recognized by the sensory faculties associated with odor.

Risks associated with cigarette smoke

Breathing in tobacco smoke is a risk whether it is done for a brief period or over many years. Immediate contact with tobacco smoke may cause certain instant negative effects such as red eyes, headaches and even coughing. Tobacco smoke consists of close to 7000 kinds of chemical substances. Many of them happen are considered toxic  for instance carbon monoxide and ammonia. Additionally, tobacco smoke consists of more than fifty chemical substances that may trigger cancer and some of these chemicals include arsenic, dime and cadmium.

Usually passive inhalation of tobacco smoke may  increase an individual’s chances of getting lung cancer by a whooping by up to 25 %. Tobacco smoke is also know to affect blood circulation and is commonly associated with narrowing of blood vessels and clotting of blood. Passive cigarette smoking may also trigger narrowing of blood vessels. All of this can render passive smoker at risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Effects Of Cigarette Smoke For Adults 2

Smoking and Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant and subjected to tobacco smoke are in great danger of suffering from problems such as miscarriages, stillbirths  and even premature deliveries.