Energy Boosts and your Mood

All of us have busy lives. It doesn’t matter if we want to or not, we have things to do and people to see. So what do we do? We start off our day with coffee, we boost it with an energy drink or two by midday, and then we grab a couple of energy inducing pills by midafternoon. Not only do we still feel like we need a nap, but wefood are irritable and grumpy. There are ways to boost your energy and help your mood without reaching for potentially toxic helpers.

So let’s start off by a way to start our day. First, there is nothing wrong with coffee. Coffee itself can have some great health benefits. The downside comes when you drink cup after cup. Limit yourself you two cups. To clarify, two 6 ounce cups is enough to get the great stuff from your coffee without the harmful side effects. Have a high protein breakfast. Take the time to make a bagel and put on some peanut butter. Two Tablespoons of peanut butter will help you feel better. Some more great options are oatmeal, eggs, or a breakfast smoothie. High protein and fiber will help you stay full longer and keep you awake.

~Drink water. Your body needs the water to replenish itself. It is necesswaterary to drink more water than you do anything else. You will feel more awake and ready to face your day if you are hydrated. Try to skip the water flavorings, they add extras that are likely to make you crash later.

Get Rest. Stop drinking caffeine by 11 am to help your body relax at night. Plug your phone, laptop, tablet, and any other electronic device in another room.caffeine The ambient light and the flashing charging symbols that they make will effect your sleep cycle and keep you from getting the deep sleep that your body needs to feel refreshed. An adult only needs about 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Sleeping in has its downside too, anything over 10 hours will make you feel sluggish.

Stay away from energy drinks. They aren’t all bad. Drinking one before you workout or having one occasionally has it’s benefits. They contain taurine. Taurine affects your heart and cardiovascular system. Drinking too many will cause you some serious complications.

Take all these tips and incorporate them into your life. It will help you to feel better and have more energy. When you feel better you will see a big change in your mood. Give it a month. It takes that long for your body to regulate and balance.