Have Fun making your Own Healthy Aloe Vera Drink at Home

Banana Choco Aloe Smoothie The Aloe Vera plant has medicinal properties that help in treating various ailments. Many studies have been carried out on the plant and one of the ways that has been identified as a suitable method of accessing the medicinal properties is by drinking the plant’s juice. The benefits of drinking this juice include improving digestion and boosting the immune system. Drinking aloe vera may actually have as many healing properties are using it topically. The thing with Aloe Vera is that its gel is very bitter and you may need to combine it with other ingredients to make a more palatable drink. Here are a couple of recipes that you could use to make your own Aloe Vera juice at home.

Aloe Vera Banana Smoothie

The Aloe choco-banana smoothie is a great recipe to try out. For this, you will need one glass of chocolate milk, 250ml of soya or skim milk, about 10 spoons of Aloe gel and one large banana. The procedure is simple, just blend all the ingredients until the liquid has a good consistency. In case you do not like chocolate milk or bananas, you could replace them with a pound of strawberries and honey. This is a great drink that can even be enjoyed by children.

Aloe Vera Juice

If you are trying to watch your weight and do not want a very rich smoothie, you could opt for aloe fruit blend juice. For this, you will need half an apple (sliced), half a cup of sliced banana, a juiced orange, 10 tablespoons of Aloe gel and 4 spoons of honey. Blend all the ingredients until the juice has a good consistency.

Aloe Vera juice is very nutritious that helps improve overall well-being so give it a try if you want a healthy, refreshing drink.