Happiness How is it Possible

Happiness. We are all struggling to be happy.  For every individual, this means something completely different. For some it is spending time with family; for others it is cashing that paycheck every week.

Happiness  How is it PossibleThe lack of happiness is the cause of serious problems. The lack of happiness can lead to drug use, alcohol abuse, and over eating. It can lead to being confused about who you are, you know that sensation that there has to be something more out there. It is the muse for many musicians, artists, and dancers.

What is the answer to the lack of happiness? Is it the ability to accept who you are? If so, how do you learn to accept yourself?

Those are both very hard questions. Every has been told at some point in their life to not worry about what others think. Yet our very jobs are spurred by what others like. How would clothing designers, song writers, or inventers see their wares if they didn’t care what others thought? This article is would not matter if the author didn’t care what others thought. So how do you strike a balance?

Happiness  How is it PossibleWe struggle, as parents, to make sure that are children are happy. We tend to over indulge them simple because we want them to be content. They have a closet full of clothes before they are born. We spend thousands on toys that don’t matter after a few weeks of owning them. It is up to us to teach our children that we cannot buy happiness.

Happiness is knowing that you cannot be perfect. It is coming to the understanding that we will never be perfect at everything. It is having the peace of mind to say that we are human. We will make mistakes. It is how we handle those mistakes that determines our happiness.

It may mean that we need to find a quiet spot and do some deep meditation before we determine our next step. Some times it is the little things that trip us up. Maybe it is as simple as knowing that we handled a situation wrong with a loved one. Maybe it is as difficult as not knowing what to do about losing your job. Taking time to stop and think, find the positive in the situation. It may not be easy, some times the good is hidden way deep down.

Here is a way to deepen your happiness and find your contentment. Take five minutes and write down five things that you are grateful for. Include all the reasons you are grateful for them.happiness1 At the end of the month, go back and review what you wrote. You will find that your overall mental wellbeing is better. You may even find that you are more grateful for the little things than you thought. Your happiness will be revealed. Sometimes it isn’t about finding something to make you happy, some times it is about accepting that you already have everything you need to be happy. It isn’t about constantly acquiring more, it t is about accepting that you have more than you could ever ask for.