Hernia Umbilical En Adultos Sintomas or Known as Umbilical Hernia

surgical treatment done in umbilical hernia on belly button

The term of hernia umbilical en adultos sintomas is known as umbilical hernia in English. Umbilical cord is a body parts connecting mother and the fetus in the womb. The umbilical cords of the baby pass through tiny opening in the stomach muscles. In normal condition, the hole is closed after giving a birth. Umbilical hernia happen when stomach muscles don’t completely join and intestine bulge through the weak spot around belly button. Umbilical hernia is painless and doesn’t cause discomfort. Ninety percent umbilical hernia cases are eventually close themselves. If it doesn’t close when the child reaches four years, the treatment is needed.

hernia in Abdomina lwall experienced by adults with pushed cords

What causes hernia inside belly button is known as the opening of the stomach muscles allowing umbilical cord passing through fails to completely close. The baby that is born with lower weight has higher risk of umbilical hernia. Special notes whether the umbilical hernia happened to boys or girls have not been noted by the medical professionals.

hernia types which are umbilical or epigastric followed by inguinal and femoral

In adult, umbilical hernia is caused by several factors such as being overweight, having frequent pregnancy, having twins, having fluid in abdominal cavity, having heavy cough or stomach surgery. The umbilical hernia symptoms on baby are commonly seen as the baby attitudes such as when the baby is crying, straining, or laughing.

the chords seen on the human stomach happened in adult

The doctor will push the hernia back to the abdominal cavity and examine the baby or the adult in determining whether the umbilical cord is trapped. The X-Ray is performed to ensure whether there is complication or not. The blood test is maybe ordered to search for infection. This is done especially when the intestine is incarcerated or blocked. Trapped umbilical hernia is fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, redness, constipation, and round abdomen. Sore belly button hernia has these typical symptoms in common and it should be well treated by medical professional.