Home Remedies For Removal of  White Sunspots On Skin

Home Remedies For Remove White Sunspots On Skin

Sunspots or Photo voltaic lentigines are dark patches on your skin that develop after prolonged contact with direct Ultra violet sun rays. People of any age are inclined to these spots, though individuals with lighter skin have a tendency to develop them more often.

How you can Eliminate White Sunspots On Skin?

The primary reason for sunspots is constant contact with Ultra violet sun rays , though yeast, hypomelanosis, pityriasis alba or fungus may also lead to the condition as well. Long periods under the sun may feel good at the time ,however, it can increase your chances of harming your skin and possibly even lead to skin cancer.

Sunspots may cause dark or whitened spots on the skin. and they most typically appear around the hands and face.

Natural Aloe-vera

Natural Aloe-vera might help your skin grow new cell tissue and repair tissue that’s been broken. Apply this gel on the skin two times each day to help repair White Sunspots On Skin

Apple and onion juice

Mixing apple cider vinegar treatment with chopped onion is a remedy for bleaching brown spots on the skin. Chop an onion and allow the juice to drain, then collect it and mix it with equal parts apple cider vinegar. Apply this mixture on the skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with water.

Garlic clove remedy

A fresh garlic clove could make your skin look natural and improve its complexion. Apply garlic clove juice or rub a freshly cut  clove portions on your skin and see the positive effect.

Home Remedies For Remove White Sunspots On Skin2

Cod essential olive oil and using castor oil

These oils are known to help fade dark marks such as sunspots when applied onto the skin. Mix equal parts of castor and cod liver oil then apply it twice a day on the face.


Fresh tomatos contain enzymes which help your skin to recover from damage. Cut a fresh tomato and rub it on the skin for a couple of minutes in order to get rid of your White Sunspots On Skin.