How To Reduce the Occurrence of Morning Erections

How To Reduce Morning Erections With Things To Do

Males frequently wake up and find that their members are fully erect. It may not happen on a daily basis but in some instances, this problem might be unpleasant.

This problem is normal and not really associated with health issues, however occasionally it may be an uncomfortable situation especially when one is in a relationship.  The process of urine continence often leads to the increase of blood-flow to the groin area and this is often the main cause of nocturnal erections. It is possible to reduce the frequency of early morning erections as well as frequency by doing the following:

Have a regular sleeping pattern and ensure that you do not consume any liquids at least 2 hours before going to bed. This will reduce the amount of fluid build up in the bladder hence the blood flow to the area will be lower.

You should also ensure that you visit the restroom whenever you have the desire to urinate. This will reduce the eventual build-up of urine overnight.

Engaging in sexual intercourse with your partner is a way of reducing nocturnal erections because semen ejaculated contains testosterone and once it is released it slow up the likelihood of a person getting aroused during asleep.

How To Reduce Morning Erections With Things To Do 2