Identifying What are the Symptoms of Kidney Stones and Knowing the Effective Treatment

healthy food as diet for kidney stone should be consumed daily

Before knowing what are the symptoms of kidney stones, let’s see how kidney stone is serious illness in human. Kidney stone is hard materials formed in the human kidney. One is every twenty people has kidney stone at the point of their lives. The factor causes this illness is the consumed diet or hereditary factors. The kidney stone diagnosis is performed through intravenous pyleography or IVP. CT Scan can detect kidney stone, too.

iced tea drinkers have higher risk in infected by kidney stone because of the chemical crystals

After knowing what causes kidney stones, we should be careful in consuming our diets. Besides eating healthy food, we should do regular exercise, too. Kidney stones types are divided into some types. They are uric acid, calcium, struvite, and cyctine. The most common kidney stone type happen is calcium kidney stone. This is made from calcium oxalate, maleate, or phosphate. Meanwhile, uric acid is kidney stone type that affects men more than women. This is caused when the acidic urine. Struvite found in women mostly because of infections of urinary track. The rarest kidney stone type is cystine caused by genetic disorder.

kidney stones symptoms shown in images and alkaline water you need to know

The kidney stones symptoms include blood in urine, nausea, vomiting, chills, discolored urine, fever, urinating in small amounts, and frequent urinating. Hard material or stone is not supposed in the human kidney. They can’t just pass the ureter easily since the ureter is so small. If the stone is too large, surgery stone removal is performed.

the definition of kidney stone symtoms and what cause it

To diagnose kidney stone, doctor performs some test such as CT scan for abdominal, MRI done in kidneys and abdomen, retrograde pyelogram, or kidney ultrasound. The early stage kidney stone can be treated with medication. Lithotripsy is done as the alternative medication for breaking up the big stone. The broken up stone can pass easily through the ueters. After it’s performed, the patient will not have kidney pain anymore.