Important Health Facts to Improve Healthy Life

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Many health professionals and specialists are working on some researches to find more and more beneficial health facts for us in order to improve the health quality of the people around the world. In addition to the facts that obesity affects over 30% or adults in US, the surprising amount of sugar intake from soda, the bad impact of excessive meat consumption, and so on, there are some other important findings that you need to see.

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The first one of important facts about health is related to the nutrient offered by asparagus. You may think that asparagus does not give any good impact to human health, but in fact, there are some benefits that you can take from asparagus. With its Vitamin K, it promotes bone health and limits the neuronal damage. Asparagus is also rich in potassium that controls blood pressure and heart rate. Asparagus can also support the red blood cells production. Then, it also a good diet for weight loss.

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Another surprising fact comes from milk. Milk is believed as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. This is proved by the fact that milk contains nine essential nutrients, including calcium, Vit. D, protein, potassium, Vit. A, Vit. B12, riboflavin, niacin and phosphorus. Fortunately, these substances are in a good balance. Some other important facts about milk are that buffalo milk offers 25% higher protein than cow’s milk. A single dairy cow can produce approx 7,600 liters of milk in a year. Then, 99% of US households purchase milk.

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Then, the last fact is about men. The first fact is that men die at earlier ages because of heart disease. In addition to heart disease, men are also in higher risk of dying from liver disease and diabetes. A surprising percentage of spinal cord injuries (80%) happen in young men. These mens health facts are a set of warning for men.