Important Health Statistics 2015 to See

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By the end of the 2015, there are some surprising facts showed by the health statistics. It is not about child death and mother death, but more about the human lifestyle. Great achievement has been reached from around 90 deaths out of 1000 live births in 1990 to the 46 deaths out of 1000 live in 2013. The achievement is also gained for more mothers saved during pregnancy and childbirth.

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In the other hand, there are some problems found related to the daily eating habit. Indeed, it is not presented by the world health statistics 2015, but the American based data can be a good representative. The data show that there are a lot of people have eating disorders. These disorders are linked to the hospitalizations. The body size of the average American women is also apprehensive. Then, 80% of 10 years old children are afraid of being fat.

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Another problem comes in relation to a mental health. Don’t think that only adults who suffer from this mental health. There is one out of four people suffered from this problem and some of them may be children. There are some programs to anticipate this problem, including for the children’s mental health improvement. There are also some of the sufferers already take talking therapies. Today, waiting time standards are introduced for another treatment.

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Everyone is afraid of HIV. There are some factors leading to this disease. One of the factors that some of you may be not aware is tattoo. There are several health problems linked to tattoo, including infection, keloids, allergic reaction, granulomas, hepatitis, MRI complications and HIV. It is important to consider the use of needle. You should be careful and make sure that it is sterile to use because all of those problems are caused by the use of not-sterile needle. You can also download the world health statistics 2015 pdf for more facts to see.