Keep Homemade Baby Wipes with Cloths for Healthier and Affordable Choice

It is never a bad idea to keep homemade baby wipes made from cloth. There are some advantages you can benefit compared to using the disposable wipes. While the latter are indeed more convenient and easier, homemade cloth baby wipes are better for your health and environment. They can help you save money and become truly versatile as you can make different wipe solutions based on the needs of your child and family.

Deluxe Materials to Keep Homemade Baby Wipes with Tissue and Talk on Plastic Bottle

In general, on how to make homemade cloth baby wipes, you can simply start from cutting up soft fabric such as flannel, fleece, and cotton or receiving blankets. Sew up the edges to keep them from fraying. The cloth baby wipes aside, you also need to have a container to keep them so the wipes can always be available to use either at home or during travel. You can simply buy one from stores—and don’t forget to have a container to store your dirty wipes.

There are various cloth wipe solutions and recipes you can choose from, as well as the choice of storing the cloth wipes dry or wet. Dry wipes can be used along with a spray bottle to contain the wipe solution, avoiding mold and mildew from developing. But wet wipes may not have the similar potential problem if you use them for traveling.

When making homemade wipes solutions, there are basic ingredients required. First is water, which is the main part to dilute the other ingredients or be used by itself. Second is oil to help the skin soft and help the wipes gently slide across your baby’s skin. Third is soap to cleanse the skin and remove feces and urine. If you use baby wash, read the ingredients carefully as many can be as damaging as one of disposable wipes. Last ingredient to make your own cloth baby wipes is essential oils to add anti-bacterial, aromatherapy, and healing properties.