Knowing What are the Symptoms of Glaucoma as the Alarm to get Medical Help

a glaucoma patient having eye exam with doctor using special tools to see the eye condition

Since it’s a complicated disease, what are the symptoms of glaucoma need to be known by everyone. This is an eye disease that can cause blindness. It’s caused by the damaged optic nerve. The two glaucoma types are open angle-glaucoma that is also called as sneak thief and angle closure-glaucoma. Take a look at early alarming glaucoma signs and seek the eye care professional.

glaucoma illness slides including the definition and the causes and also the characteristics

Glaucoma symptoms are almost similar to symptoms of eye disease. The glaucoma angle closure has blurred vision as the initial symptom. The eyes have hazy sight and they experience of nausea and vomiting. The vomit happens because of the severe eyes’ pain. It’ll be rainbow-colored appearance in the form of circle around the bright lights. This eye disease has cause of the blockage in the eye drainage canals. Glaucoma patient should have maintain the regular eye check with the ophthalmologist and make sure that the medication treatment work well with the eyes.

The comparison between two eyes with normal condition to the glaucoma eye described in graphic

The cause of this glaucoma is mostly hereditary. If the sibling or family has glaucoma, there’ll be higher risk for people to get similar disease. However, this illness can be effectively treated with the right procedure.

the illustration of vision loss in glaucoma patients experiencing sight loss from day to day

The glaucoma type having fewer symptoms is the open angle glaucoma. Usually, this glaucoma type can be seen when the disease is in advanced scale. The patient will experience the vision looseness. The vision that is lost is usually the peripheral vision. Even sometimes the sight loss is not noticeable. This is very dangerous because the treatment could be late. This vision loss is caused when the drainage canals in the eye is clogged from time to time. If the glaucoma is acute, even surgery can’t sure it. Here are what are the symptoms of glaucoma in humans for everyone to notice and take care of the eye’s health.