Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Symptoms in Common and Risk Factors

female reproductive organ with comparison of the healthy ones and wih teh PID

As the result of pelvic inflammatory disease or PID that has been infected almost a million women in the United States, inflammatory disease symptoms are need to be aware by every woman. It’s an infection on reproductive organ in women. Pelvis is located in lower abdomen including fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and uterus. PID is caused by several bacteria including the similar bacteria causing sexually-transmitted infections, Chlamydia and gonorrhea. The bacteria enter the vagina first and cause infection. Then it goes to pelvic organs.

PID symtoms shown in green highlighted words for the emphasized condition

PID is dangerous and life-threatening and there types of inflammatory disease, one of them are this pelvic disease. People who have high risk from infected by PID is the women who have sex in under 25 year old, without condoms, with more one person, douching, using IUS for pregnancy prevention, and has history of PID. This is a proof that women can have the PID without being infected by bacteria. Some of women who suffer from PID barely have symptoms. However, if they do have symptoms, they include fever, painful sex, irregular bleeding, painful urination, tiredness, the bad vagina odor, upper abdomen pain and the lower parts.

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Moderate pain can be caused by PID, too. Vomiting, abdomen sharp pain, fainting, and high fever are the mild symptoms. Diagnosing PID needs several tests including pelvic exam for checking pelvic organs. Cervical culture is also done to check the urine as the signs of blood or cancer or the other disease.

the slides expaining about the two types of PID which are accute and chronic

For assessing the pelvic damage, the doctors do pelvic ultrasound, endometrial biopsy, or laparoscopy. To prevent PID, women should take careful care of their body. Being faithful by doing safe sex is one of the ways. Take regular test for checking the sexually-transmitted infections. The simplest way is by wiping front to back after doing bowel movement or urinate is better to stop bacteria goes into the vagina. Inflammatory disease list especially PID needs to be stopped because it’s considered as life-threatening illness that is dangerous for women.