Simple Way to Preserve Bloody Clothing by Layman

In criminal case especially cases which are related to kill or hurt somebody, preserve bloody clothing sometimes becomes basic method to collect as many evidences as possible. Gathering evidence no matter what the ways is important in order to police and detectives can fine the suspects. Unfortunately, it will become a harder action, if there is no body from layman who cannot do it when there is an opportunity to do it.

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Well, let’s imagine that it may be the last thing we can do to help other peoples in finding murderer. It is one of many investigation steps we, people, can do.

In fact, doing safe handling of blood from various Medias is commonly only known by certain people who purposely work in law department. Some procedures must be done perfectly and carefully to get DNA from blood sample found on some Medias including clothing. Nonetheless, we don’t need to think harder about how to do so. How to preserve blood stain on clothing is actually quite simple to do by us.

What you can do at the moment when you find a clothing with full of blood is to wrap it with a piece of paper. Immediately, bring the wrapped paper clothing with blood to a laboratory where the investigators can try to link the suspects. One thing you need to know about the blood stain on clothing that may prove any crime scene is that it may be air dried during the process you bring it to the laboratory. That’s why wrapping it with paper at least can prevent further deterioration. If you don’t know what to do after wrapping the clothing with full of blood with paper, please, immediately call 911 or the nearest police station in your town to get further actions for blood evidence forensics.