Stomach Aneurysm Causes and Symptoms as the Weakening of Aorta

thoracic aostic aneurysm affect almost all inner huma body presented in graphic

Before discussing about stomach aneurysm causes, it’s better if we know the definition. Aorta is defines as the large blood vessel inside human body. It brings blood from the heart going down to the abdomen, pelvis, and legs. The aorta wall is able to swell or also bulge out just like small balloon when they are weak. This is called abdominal aortic-aneurysm especially if it happens to the aorta parts n abdomen.

normal vs abnormal aortic aneurysm happens in human inner stomach in graphic

There are many image of aortic aneurysm will advance explanations about the diseases but the exact causes of this illness remain unknown. However, scientists find that some factors are able to increase the risks. Blood pressure that is too high can trigger this disease. The high pressure of bold can make the aorta wall become weaker. Smoking also increases the risk. Smoking damages the arteries’ wall and makes them more to bulge. Smoking also cases high blood-pressure. Another risk is the vascular infection that happens as serious infection in aorta or arteries. The aorta size considers this vascular infection is serious thing.

aorticaneurysm in abdominal in human body chart in normal and abnormal conditions

People who risk this illness more is male, people who are overweight, those who are over sixty years, and people with diabetic. Heredity factors such as family members can increase the risk, too. As previously said, tobacco smokers have high risk to be exposed to this disease.

Aortic Aneurysm comparison to abdomen aortic aneurysm an thoracic aortic aneurysm

The symptoms include feeling pain suddenly in the abdomen and back, having pain that is spread from the abdomen to the legs, pelvis, or buttock. Increasing of the heart rate is also the sign of this disease just like having shock of losing consciousness. To diagnose this illness, several examinations like abdomen CT scans and abdominal ultrasound are needed. Another examination is the X-ray chest and MRI study. To prevent this illness, keep the heart health fit by eating good diets and having continuous exercise. Symptoms of an aortic aneurysm are the warnings to be more attentive to the body health especially the heart and abdomen.