Symptoms of Angina in Women to Know that They are Not Similar to Men

the factors showing the angina risk in women showed in heart ilustration

Perhaps most people don’t know that symptoms of angina in women are different than in men. Feeling chest pain and uncomfortable feeling could be the symptoms. Sweating, feeling dizzy, the breath that is shortened, feeling pain in several body parts such as jaws, neck, shoulder, or back are the common symptoms. They are discomforting and women can have some different symptoms besides of those. This is serious thing to pay attention since it is the early warning of heart illness.

images of angina condition in human heart with normal artery and blocked artery

syndrom of accute coronary happens in women in blue human graphic diagram

Don’t ignore these symptoms heart attack women since the fatality is caused by the women that ignore these symptoms. The symptoms can be tracked with tools called Angina Log. People need to be careful because heart disease is the number one killer in America. The heart attack causes are also different between men and women. The man heart attack is caused by the coronary arteries blockage. Meanwhile, in women, heart attack is caused by the small arteries branching out from coronary arteries.

the location of heart attack occured in women with the coronary heart description

The illness risks should be well understood by women since eighty percent of women heart attack can be preventable. Felling uncomfortable pressure on the chest, feeling squeezed, feeling fullness or chest pain are the early heart disease symptoms. The following symptoms are the discomfort feeling on the back, jaw, stomach, or in the arms.

warning signs illustrations of early symptoms in angina

Breath shortening is the advanced symptoms of heart disease. Having cold sweat, lightheadedness or nausea are the signs, too. However, the most common symptoms on women angina is chest pain and discomfort feeling. Some women even think that she got flu. Therefore, the symptoms should be seriously paid attentions. Take care of yourself always if you experience those or one of those signs. See the doctor immediately. Symptoms chest pain women can be prevented well if the treatment comes in the right time.