Symptoms of Cervical Cancer for Being Aware of by Women

Cervical Cancer Signs and Following Symptoms including Abnormal Bleeding

It has been spread through internet about symptoms of cervical cancer that should be aware by women. The cancer happens to women’s cervix located in the lower part of the uterus. This cancer also affects all body part. The cervical cancer symptoms are seen as the abnormal conditions of the cervix certain times such as the period. But we need to know that cell changes are normal. If women have several conditions like these following symptoms, they shouldn’t not be directly diagnosed with cervical cancer. Further exams should be taken to determine whether the symptoms are the initial signs of cervical cancer or not.

Cervix Diagram Explaining about Cervical Cancer Signs and Symptoms Showing the Symptoms Location

The sign cervical cancer or symptoms are seen as the blood spots that appeared during or between the periods. The bleeding occurred in menopause is suspicious sign, too. Having pain during sexual intercourse is another sign. Besides, women could have vaginal discharge, longer menstrual bleeding, and pelvic examination. These symptoms should be directly reported to healthcare professional. The doctors would tell whether the symptoms are serious or not after taking some tests.

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Cervical cancer is caused by Human papillomavirus or HPV infection. The viruses could pass from one person to another by sexual activity. Therefore, taking HPV vaccine is encouraged to all women to do the prevention act for this cancer. The other risk factors raise for women to get cervical cancers are oral contraceptive, race, age, herpes, and age.

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Cervical cancer prevention can be done through delaying sexual intercourse until late teens. Limiting he sex partners is good for preventing cervical cancer, too. Smokers have the higher risk than the non smoker females. After all, practicing safe sex can reduce the HPV infection risk. Women can take Pap tests to check the cervix condition once in a while. The test is recommended especially if they read symptom hpv and feel the discomfort on the reproduction organ.