Symptoms of Wheat Intolerance Considered as Grain Allergies

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There are various causes of a person experiencing symptoms of wheat intolerance. Some have grains allergies and some people may have gluten intolerance. Here it will be described about those who have wheat allergy and allergy to other grains, too. This is a little bit uncomfortable for people who live in western world since wheat is the main food. Wheat belongs to grass family called Triticeae. People who have reactions when they consume wheat are not all because of allergy.

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The symptoms of wheat intolerance in adult themselves have several types. There are allergy types of several protein types such as gliadins, albumins, globulins, and glutenin. Some allergies are related to the cereal allergies, too. The allergies symptoms are also varied. Some of them are signed by urticaria, asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and angioderma. However, the symptoms for every individual can be varied. The symptoms can affect certain medical condition in different person. Therefore, although this allergy isn’t too dangerous, people have to realize the effects.

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There is allergy reaction that is considered as medical condition that needs intents supervision. Coeliac disease is one of them. It’s a gliaden lifelong intolerance. It’s a substance found in wheat grains, barley and rye. The gluten has function to make the baked goods have elasticity to chew. Wheat or gluten intolerance almost has similar symptoms to Coeliac disease. They experience nausea, bloating, and discomfort feeling in the stomach.

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The symptoms felt by wheat intolerance patients can be abdominal cramps, altered bowel movement, tiredness, mouth ulcers, skin rash, nerve symptoms, infertility, lack of weight gain, stomach pain, and even the bone pain. To examine the medical condition of having grain allergy is by taking blood test before diagnosing Coeliac disease. Skin test only cannot detect the disease. Parents need to pay more attention to symptoms of wheat intolerance in babies since the sensitivity is probably higher.