Types of Medication to Consider for Back Pain

Back Pain Medication

Back Pain Medication

Back pain treatment depends on the duration and severity of symptoms. The doctor conducts a physical and clinical examination of a patient before administering any back pain medication.

The best back pain medication is one that eases the discomfort and aids the healing process. Back pain can affect your life significantly, especially when it stops you from taking part in daily activities. Therefore, you cannot afford to misdiagnose this problem and endure chronic back pain when you could have easily eliminated it in several weeks.

Chronic back pain medication

Back pain is either acute or chronic. Acute pain goes away in about six weeks, with the right pain medication for back pain. In such a case, the doctor will prescribe painkillers, and these, accompanied by home remedies can cure the ache within one and a half months.

On the other hand, chronic back pain requires several treatment methods that combine manual therapy, painkillers, exercise and acupuncture among others.

Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Medication

Low back pain relief medication includes painkillers, antidepressants, relaxants, COX-2 inhibitors and nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs to reduce stiffness and inflammation. Medicines are available as back pain medication over the counter (otc) and the ones that require a prescription. In whichever case, it is important to seek medical assistance prior to purchase because back pain can be a symptom of another disease such as whiplash, slipped disc, sciatica or frozen shoulder.

Back pain remedies for aches vary with the magnitude of the pain. For severe pain, antidepressants such as amitriptyline may be on your prescription. In fact, injections are the last option after medication, before the doctor recommends surgery.

Pain in the back

Back pain medication prescription explains the dosage based on the level of injury or pain. It differs from one person to the other, so there is no way one prescription can serve two people. Back pain medication otc includes Movelat, Nurofen Plus, Cuprofen Plus, Pain Relief Balm, Panadol Night, Paramol tablets, Paracetamol/Dihydrocodeine, Propain Plus, Ralgex Cream, Ralgex Heat Sprya and ibuprofen/Codeine phosphate. The back pain medication list that requires a prescription has Indometacin, Zamadol, Voltarol Rapid, Tiaprofenic Acid, Tramacet and Orudis among other medicines.

Back pain medication during pregnancy must be within a doctor’s prescription. In actual sense, doctors recommend other ways to treat lower back pain during pregnancy such as exercise, a change in sleeping position and good posture. Some medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen may cause harm to the unborn child.