Uses for Coconut Oil for Babies and the Benefits

The use of coconut oil for babies is very beneficial due to the anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that coconut oil possesses. Organic coconut oil is perfect for your baby’s delicate skin and has a great smell. Here are some ways you can use coconut oil for your baby.

Marvelous Treat and Twenty Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Baby and Children

One of the benefits of coconut oil for babies is for use as a moisturizer for your baby’s skin. Coconut oil is a perfect natural moisturizer for your baby especially if your baby suffers from dry patches or  creases on neck area. A quick dab of coconut oil can help keep the area well moisturized and keep the skin from further irritation.

Your little tot can be very messy, especially when eating. Rather than using chemicals based cleaning products to keep your baby clean, you can make an easy homemade baby wash using coconut oil. Mix equal parts of coconut oil, water, and organic castile soap. You may also want to add any essential oils for some fragrance, however, coconut oil has its own natural scent. This homemade baby wash doesn’t need to be used every time you wash your baby, however, it provides a great solution for occasional use.

Last but not least you can use coconut oil for baby massage. Massage has many benefits such as strengthening the bond between baby and parent and also to relax your baby before bed time. Simply mix one part coconut oil and one part olive oil. Add two drops of natural essential oil, such as lavender, to add a soothing scent. The above tips are just a few of the many uses of coconut oil for babies; providing you with an affordable solution for baby care.