Ways to Use a BestMed KD-192

The BestMed KD-192 is a digital thermometer that is used to record the temperature of the body. Today, we will briefly explain some ways you can do to.  As a flexible thermometer, this one is designed to fit in your hands comfortably. In general, there are 2 modes available: A standard 40-second mode and a quick read 5-second mode. It can be used underneath the armpit (or axillary reading), orally, or rectally.

BestMed KD-192: How to Use it.

For axillary reading, this should have its tip positioned underneath your armpit. The next step is to fold your arm across the chest—be sure that the thermometer is held in place by your arm. When you’re ensured, press the “Start” button. While the thermometer records the temperature, do not move around or unfold your arm. Once it beeps, remove the thermometer.

For oral use, place the tip of the KD-192 thermometer underneath your tongue. Close the lips around the thermometer. Make sure you do not talk or bite the thermometer when it is already closed by your lips. Press the “Start” button and wait until the thermometer beeps before you can remove it and check your temperature. As for rectal use, use a water-base lubricant to lubricate the tip. Lay down on your stomach and insert the tip of the thermometer 1/2 to 1 inch deep into the anal opening. Don’t push farther if you feel resistance. Press the “Start” button and make sure you lay still when your temperature is being recorded. When the thermometer beeps, remove it.

It is always important to wash the BestMed KD-192 thermometer with warm and soapy water every time it is used. It is to prevent the cross contamination from occurring, especially if you are not the only person who will use the thermometer. Always be sure to read the BestMed thermometer instructions as well.