What Cause a Frozen Shoulder Making Motion Loss and Inflammation

Frozen Shoulder illustrated in virtual image with red shoulder inflammatory

We need to know what causes a frozen shoulder so we understand the illness and have intention to prevent it. The shoulder joint capsule has ligaments holding shoulder bones. If the capsule has inflammation, shoulder bones will not be able to move in joint freely. Generally, there are no certain causes of frozen shoulder. However, some disease can make the risk higher. Having diabetes, the hormones that keep changing, heart surgery, shoulder injury, and thyroid problems are some disease increasing higher frozen shoulder risk.

frozen shoulder comparison to healthy shoulder where it can do full shoulder rotation

Most of frozen shoulder causes neck pain followed by some symptoms. They are the decreased motions on shoulders, feeling uncomfortable or pain, and experience stiffness. Frozen shoulder that is caused by the unknown cause is started with feeling pain. This is what cause stiffness and makes the person has arm stiffness. The patient cannot do the movement like reaching the head or the back. Those are the frozen shoulder main symptoms.

pictures of frozen shoulder happens in human bone with acute inflammatory

Some exams and medical tests are taken to know the frozen shoulder illness. The patients will be asked to rotate their shoulders. X-ray exam may be performed to know the inner part of the shoulder. The further test is MRI test for showing the inflammation. Although the exact inflammation location cannot be known exactly by the MRI, the test can show the inflammation indication.

the chronic inflammatory shoulder part experienced by frozen shoulder patient

The frozen shoulder is treated by nonstreroidal anti inflammatory medications and also steroid injection with physical therapy. Those treatments improve the motions. Surgical treatment is recommended. Arthroscopic surgery is used for cutting tight ligaments and removing scar tissue from shoulders. Pain blocks are often felt after surgery and physical therapy must be performed. Although there are treatments for frozen shoulder, early preventions are better to be done rather before having the symptoms. The motion range can be asked through medical professional that can limit the pain. Frozen shoulder massage is recommended for the lighter symptoms, too.