What Cause Fluid Retention and in Which Parts of Body It Can Happen

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Since human body consist of seventy percent water, it’s needed to know what cause fluid retention. Water retention is another name of fluid retention. It’s the condition where there excessive fluid happened in some parts of human body. The fluid excessiveness can happen in body tissues, body cavities, and body circulatory system. Water forms blood just like it is the major elements of muscles and organs. Therefore, water is the biggest part of the inner and outer human body.

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It’s not surprising if there’s question what cause fluid retention in lower legs. Legs are also the human body where the water can be excessive, too. The major cause is the lack of physical activity. If you sit too long, you’ll get this water retention in your legs. Therefore, after long sit on the plane or your working desk, you need light exercise to stretch the legs.

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Besides it is caused by daily unhealthy human habits, pregnancy is the cause of fluid retention, too. The uterus weight on the pelvis major vein makes a fluid buildup in the human body when pregnant. The fluid retention in this pregnancy isn’t a disease. It’s normal and will recover after giving birth.

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The other human body that can be influenced by fluid retention is the kidneys, the heart, the lymphatic system, and the capillaries. Heart fluid retention can cause heart failure which is very dangerous. This is caused by the heart stress that will make the breathing difficulty. Meanwhile, kidney fluid retention is caused by the failure of the kidney to remove the fluid. The kidney’s function can’t work well to carry out the filtration complex system. Fluid retention is also parts of pre-menstrual process. Therefore, we should know how to treat our body in order to prevent fluid retention. Perhaps we should take further references of what cause fluid retention in lungs to broaden our knowledge.