What Does Gluten-Free Actually Mean?

No Wheat Products

Gluten is a form of protein that is found in several plants including wheat, rye, barley as well as triticale. It works like a kind of glue that helps the processed product maintain shape. This is clearly noticed during the process of making dough for items such as cakes, bread, and biscuits.

A gluten free diet, therefore, is the avoidance of foods that contain the gluten protein such as bread, cereals, beer, pies and cakes among other foods. Related foods such as oats can be eaten as long as they are labeled gluten-free.

Gluten Free

Now that we are clear on which foods contain gluten, you may be asking yourself, which foods do not contain gluten? Well, there are a number of foods that do are naturally free from gluten and they include fresh meats, fresh free-range eggs, unprocessed seeds and nuts. Some of the starches and grains that are accepted as gluten free include corn, buckwheat, quinoa, flax, millet, soy and rice.

Gluten Free Foods

Some nutritionists and health experts believe that a diet containing a lot of gluten is not healthy and could lead to intestinal inflammation, increased caloric intake, bloating and weight gain among other disadvantages.

A gluten free may not be a necessity for the average person but for people with celiac, it is a requirement. Celiac disease is a condition that is characterized by negative physical reactions to foods containing gluten.

Gluten Caution