What is the Osteoporosis and How Common Is It to be Recognized

osteoporosis diagram showed white bone with explanation charts

Knowing what is osteoporosis and how common is it will give insights to take care of our bones better. Osteoporosis is a bone loss that cause the bone becomes fragile and weak. In United Kingdom itself, osteoporosis affects more or less three million people. That’s why this bone illness is so common especially for older people. There are 250,000 of bone fractures caused by osteoporosis. Osteoporosis signs are seen clearly in the sever osteoporosis condition. The signs include the pains when sitting, coughing, and standing.

comparison between healthy bone and osteoporosis bone showed in inner human bone

After knowing what osteoporosis means, osteoporosis symptoms are need to be known, too. Back pain is the most familiar sign. Losing height is also the symptom of osteoporosis followed by stopped posture. Bone fracture happens easier in people with osteoporosis rather than to those who don’t have this illness. Osteoporosis is included as silence disease. The signs are not always felt and visible. It takes special examination especially to know the osteopenia or the bone thinning.

osteoporosis affect one in two women and one in five men

Osteoporosis types are divided into two. The first is juvenile osteoporosis and premenopausal osteoporosis. Besides older people, osteoporosis also happens to children but mostly it is because the medical condition. This happens when the children reach the building years of prime bone. Premenopausal osteoporosis happens to women. It occurs when the age is increasing. This is more painful and the osteoporosis occurred before menopause phase is so uncommon. Debilitating fractures tend to happen more in this osteoporosis type.

prevention management arranged to fight osteoporosis in circle diagram

Complication diseases also occur during the osteoporosis. Beside the chronic pain caused by the disease, an osteoporosis patient can has difficulties in dealing with their daily movement activities. Fracture risk is also increasing. Osteoporosis treatment includes the physical exercises to recover the damaged bone. Nutritional foods are also given to improve the bone health. Osteoporotic bone will not be as strong as the normal bones and the patients should extra careful dealing with this illness.