Why You Need To Eat Tiger Nuts On A Regular Basis

Tiger Nuts

Many people have never heard of the tiger nut. It is a tuber like seed that has immense health advantages. They are widely available in West Africa and Europe however, they originated in Egypt around 4000 BC. Tiger nut has plenty of alternative names including zulu nut, yellow grass nut, aya, rush nut, edible rush and ground almond. Here’s a brief list of reasons why you need to consume this super food.

Regulating Blood Pressure

Tiger nuts are packed with an amino acid known as arginine which keeps blood vessels open and keeps them wide enough to maintain proper blood flow.


Helps Counter Malnutrition

Under developed countries are plagued by cases of malnutrition on a regular basis. Tiger nuts can be used to mitigate this situation because it consists of nutrients that can help improve the health of malnourished people. Some of the nutrients contained in tiger nuts include starch, healthy fat, fiber, as well as minerals such as chromium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, zinc, copper among many others.

Raw Tiger Nuts

Regulating Sugar Levels

Tiger nuts have properties that help in the regulation of blood glucose. The nuts also have a significant amount of insoluble fiber which is reduces spikes in blood sugar levels.

Healthy Fats

Tiger nuts contain a significant amount of healthy oils. Oil that is extracted from the nuts consists of 80% unsaturated fat which is quite healthy in comparison to saturated fat.